Shop Small: Tom's News and General Store

To some people, Stonington Borough is a nostalgic reminder of simpler times; a place where history is preserved in stories and on shelves. It's full of owner-operated shops and restaurants celebrating decades in business, among many, lovely new additions.

Toms Newstand Front 2.jpg

Tom's News and General Store is just one example. It has the offerings of a small supermarket, with the convenience of a corner store. It's a daily gathering spot for a wave of regulars looking for a newspaper and friendly chit chat. And its owner is Tom Rezendes — a lifelong Borough resident whose roots run deep.

Tom has lived and worked his entire life in the Borough, as did his parents growing up on Hancock Street, three houses away from one another. As a kid, he put together newspapers and made deliveries for Frankie when the general store was Keane's Newstand — a service he still provides for his loyal customers every morning. 


"The Borough was our playground."

— Tom Rezendes


With a twinkle in his eye, he recalls his youth where he spent a lot of time at the Stonington Community Center. He eventually became the Assistant Director there. He also worked at American Velvet in purchasing and was President of the Union until the mill closed. Tom subsequently purchased the newsstand and general store and will celebrate 24 years in business this December.

"Tom's is the hub. Residents rely on the store to do their regular shopping. He has everything! You wouldn't believe what you can find in there" says Anne Fix, resident and a board member of the Stonington Borough Merchants Association. 


Take a quick lap around, and you'll spot staples like eggs, milk, bread, and ice cream. Tom stocks an aisle full of candy that's quite popular with the kids who are asked to calculate their totals when they get to the register. There's wrapping paper, sewing needles, art, cleaning, and office supplies, magazines, tools, pottery, apparel, canned goods, toys, greeting cards, toiletries, home goods, and tobacco products. And Tom says, "if you can't find it, just ask."

As if you needed another reason to shop at Tom’s, he’s also a great guy.

Tom with loyal customers Leo Fowler (left) and Maclan Griscom (right).

Tom with loyal customers Leo Fowler (left) and Maclan Griscom (right).


Tom's News and General Store
133 Water Street, Stonington
(860) 535-1276
Hours: 5 am – 5 pm, Monday through Saturday,
5 am – 4 pm, Sunday

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